Sertoma Guest Speakers, Dr. Helen Morrison, Tracy Burger, Meghan Glovier

 Link: SertomaFW

Sertomans and friends 


We recently voted to assist the new Tarrant County Auditory Services Collaboration with direct mailing to pediatricians and ENT doctors and with advertising in the Fort Worth Child magazine. This is to address the need for parents of newborn infants to follow up their babies’ initial hearing screenings.


At our meeting tomorrow, three representatives of the collaboration will make a presentation about their organization and the needs and concerns they are addressing with their campaign. Two of them we know already: Dr. Helen Morrison, formerly with TCU and now in private audiology and auditory-verbal therapy, and Tracy Burger, audiologist and adjunct professor at TCU’s Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic. The third person is Meghan Glovier, with Early Childhood Intervention.


They are doing important work, and we are already committed to supporting it. Let’s all come and learn more at our breakfast meeting tomorrow, 7:00 AM as usual, downstairs at the Colonial Country Club.


Our speaker on February 1 will be Herb Levy, with the Fort Worth Imagination Celebration, to tell about special programs for young deaf students during the big celebration, which is sponsored by the Kennedy Center. (Russell, please add to the club calendar on the website.)


Yours in Service,DSC_0587


Dan White

Center Director

Goodrich Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

2500 Lipscomb Street, Fort Worth, TX 76110-2625


Fax: 817-921-9528


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