Texas, Scholastic Shooting Trust

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Scholastic Shooting Trust

TSRA is pleased to announce a donation from Larry & Brenda Potterfield, founders of Midway USA, to help fund permanent endowments for shooting programs at educational institutions in Texas. The program is essentially a three step process.

1. Identify eligible programs that make a commitment to participate.
2. Establish and fund the endowment.
3. Grow the fund by ‘sweat equity’ with matching funds from Larry & Brenda Potterfield.
It sounds simple but there are often problems with school/school district administrators who are not supportive of the shooting sports.  Often though, when they learn more about the program and how the sport can exist without being a drain on their finances, it becomes more attractive.  Here is how the process works.
The program is available only to shooting entities that are ‘connected’ to the school.  The connection may be a formal team such as a JROTC team or as simple as 5 students from the same school shooting as a team.   The school may be a public, parochial, or privately funded high school or college and the shooting entity may operate as a club, JROTC, and/or a NCAA team sport.
The TSRA will, once the commitment is made, contribute funds to the Midway USA Foundation in the name of the shooting entity.  That account remains at the Midway USA Foundation and can be accessed only through a grant request by the shooting entity (details below).
Following the establishment of the account, the shooting entity will conduct fundraising activities (special shooting events, etc.) and they send those funds to their account.  At that time Larry and Brenda Potterfield will match the funds on a 1:1 basis.  The TSRA will match the proceeds of the fundraiser on a 2:1 basis up to a maximum from TSRA of $5000.  That is the end of the matching by the TSRA.  However, subsequent fundraisers in 2013 by the shooting entity will be matched dollar for dollar by Larry and Brenda Potterfield, thus the shooting entity; through ‘sweat equity’ can grow their account and increase the amount of financial support for their shooting team’s activities.
The scholastic shooting entity will receive a notice in May that they are eligible to withdraw up to 5% of the value of their endowment.   The entity submits a grant request in June and the checks will be written in July to support the entity’s shooting program for the following season.
The upside potential is limited only by the fundraising capability of the shooting entity.  Another point to keep in mind is that the shooting entity trust is only available to the shooting entity.  It is not available to the school system or individual school.  If, in the unlikely event the shooting entity is discontinued, the funds remain at the Midway USA Foundation and may be used to support other shooting programs.  Should the entity’s program be resurrected, the original balance will be returned to the schools endowment.
Teams which would like to participate in this program should contact Rhonda Esakov, TSRA Youth Shooting Sports Program (YSSP) Coordinator, at yssp@tsra.com, or Wayne Nunn, TSRA Junior Programs Director, at wsnunn@gvtc.com, to start the process.


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